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Α new collection for 2019 of five-star boutique hotels & villas on Ios the island protected for 14 years by a husband and wife team

The dazzling Cyclades are the quintessential Greek islands and, while the likes of Mykonos and Santorini may have been losing their authenticity by attracting increasingly large numbers of tourists. IOS a picture-postcard island located right in between these two famous holiday hot spots, hasremained unknown. In the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, on where ancient olive trees baskbeneath the hot Greek sun, is hidden gem luxurlOS and IOS ETERNAL, a family-run hospitality andconservation project, offering a unique, revitalizing and enriching experience for guests from all overthe world. We are aiming to create original, high quality destinations that by ensuring our guest enjoyunparalleled sense of privacy, fun, luxury and nature will feel the pathos, freedom warmth, that thisisland is all about kindness.


In 2003, Angelos Michalopoulos and his wife Vasso decided to dedicate their mental, emotionaland financial resources to protect the cultural and natural heritage of Ios. We purchased a significantamount of land on Ios with the purpose of preserving it for the future by pursuing a model forsustainable development that included safeguarding vast tracts of natural landscape and building asmall collection of villas and boutique hotels based upon environmentally- friendly design andconstruction, working closely with the local community to protect it from mass tourism andenvironmental degradation and, in so doing, save Ios from the fate of its neighbours. Believing that in the battle between man and nature the only victor is his delusion that his creations are more beautiful than nature's and witnessing that, whatever man destroys can never restored, no matter how well arehis intentions to the quality that nature originality created it, we refused to develop our land for a decade as we worked out how best to ensure that our creations have no long-term negative effects on nature.


Almost every successful island in Greece has become, in the last decade, a victim of its own success.Ios was spared from massive development because the hippies that came in the 70's gave it a badname, thus saving the island from the onslaught of mainstream tourism. Thus Ios was saved by the hippies thirty years after they were gone making it today one of the most untouched islands in Europe,but also true to its hippie heritage, a top-rated place in the world to have fun. We intend to keep it that way by building only 1% of the land we own to ensure that our conservation efforts can be financially sustainable for generations to come. We believe that we do not have to damage the earth toaccomplish our dreams so our aim is to use a very low-impact environmentally sensible approach tosustainable develop the land by leaving 99% of it unbuilt, so that Ios' natural beauty, unspoiledbeaches, sense of place and Greek island cultural heritage continues to thrive for future generations oflocals and visitors alike.

We are about are to open a small collection of boutique hotels and private villas based uponextremely low density development and strict environmentally-friendly construction principles. Ourunique tourism and conservation project involves a cluster of hotels, beach bars, and restaurants, 10undeveloped beaches, 25 miles of Cycladic coastline and fifty-one thousand trees and bushes whichhave been specially planted over the last ten years to grow for generations to come. Eachaccommodation in our hotels is a unique work of art, designed by the project's owners and lovinglybuilt by the island's local people - using skills passed down through the ages. We are extremely proudthat all the building materials except glass, steel and wood were excavated and morphed out of thevery site of each project, burdening our land as little as possible. Some developments have alreadyopened, and one is set to launch in 2019.

The acquisition of land from 624 owners is considered to be the largest private holding ofunspoiled coastal landscape ever purchased for conservation purposes in the Mediterranean. As forthe local community, we are actively committed to the well-being of the local community includingdonating to the Coast Guard, police and the fire department the means to protect the island and itswaters, supporting the local medical center and providing significant financial assistance to the Ioscooperative of shepherds to keep them from abandoning their lands. We also organize athletic campsand music lessons for the children on the island to practice, socialize and develop healthy interests.

Calilo: The New 5 Star Plus spa RESORT

The summer of 2019 will see the launch of Calilo, a new 5-star+luxury spa resort on what is possiblythe most beautiful spot on the island. Papas Beach where more than 41,000 trees and bushes havebeen planted part of the Ios ETERNAL CONSERVATION PROJECT. In a remote 1,000-acresetting, the hotel will benefit from 300 meters of private beach, well away from prying eyes. initiallysome 30 suites, all with private pools and Jacuzzi will open, supported by a spa, gym and wellnesscenter, with natural baths created along the valley and the surrounding hills. Guests can enjoynon-motorized water sports (paddle boarding, windsurfing, sea kayaking) as well as beach volley ball,tennis and football, watch a film in the open air cinema and go trekking along the 10 k of beautiful trailsthat smell of thyme and oregano. There will be three bars: one beside the 800 m2 white sandswimming pool with beach-effect sides, another by the library and a third on the beach front itself.Healthy Mediterranean meals will be served in the three restaurants, with plenty of fish andvegetables, the latter sourced from the hotel’s own organic garden and 3500 olive trees, some up to800 years old which have been saved and replanted from the mainland (IOS ETERNAL.COM LOVE).And for those who want to see the rest of the island, including the 31 other beautiful beaches, or theamazing party scene in the beautiful old town of Chora, there will be transfer services by car or boat.Price per double room per night from approx. £600 TBC

Other New Developments on Ios

New venues that have already been created elsewhere on the island by our project within the lastcouple of years include:

Ι : PATHOS SUNSET LOUGE ΑΝΟ RESTAURANT an exclusive wow-factor lounge and clubrestaurant thanks to its 22 individual areas of entertainment and a huge infinity pool.

2: FREE BEACH BAR AND RESTAURANT Α stylish beach bar and restaurant with 50 king-sizedbeach beds.

3: AGALIA LlJXlJRY SUITES: Α peaceful boutique hotel with individually designed suites some newlycreated this year, with an open air restaurant in pool (price per double room per night from £115).

4: EREGO BEACH CLUB and Restaurant on the dreamy Koumbara beach overlooking two seas andthe sunset.Created from the Land Beneath their Feet

Αll the venues have one important thing in common: with the environment in mind, they have beenbuilt out of materials extracted from the ground of the building site itself. The sites are mostly made ofmarble or granite, and these vast chunks of crystalline stone are then cut and carved by local mastercraftsmen or, when lower quality, ground by a stone-processing machine to produce sand, gravel andplaster. Even the swimming pools and patios are constructed in the same way: by painstakinglyadding thousands (72,000 for Pathos and Erego swimming pools) of marble pieces crafted by handand placed together like a giant puzzle. The businesses are also largely carbon neutral as the ownersinsist on using solar energy.

Preserving & Restoring Nature

IOS ETERNAL, our conservation project has planting more than 55,000 trees and bushes around the island to restore the habitat that had previously been burned repeatedly by wild fires and landdeforestation. In addition, some 535 ancient olive trees (most of them more than 300-years-old) whichwere about to be cut and sold for firewood in Athens, were transported across from the mainland byboat to Ios. They were destined to become firewood and instead have been given a second life in Ios.lt is actually quite stunning to watch them every day give it all they have in order to grow again in theirnew home. Here, with the help of specialists, 97% of them have survived and are now thriving in theirnew locations.

Art & Design

The unique interiors and exteriors of all these new properties the very original style of theowners. Highly involved with the production and meticulous installation of every single decorativeelement, there is no single piece of furniture or fixture or fitting that hasn’t been designed by the ownerwhether sculpture, painting or the written word — often with a sense of humor. lron, wood and sandare the main materials used to manufacture the furniture. Each piece is a unique sculptural objectdecorated with lacy details that endow the weighty material with an airy feel.

The lsland of Ios

Not only is the epic poet Homer said to have seen his last sunset on the island (his grave issupposedly at Plakoto) but it is also home to Skarkos. The oldest known prehistoric settlement datingfrom the Bronze Age, (3,500 BC) whose recent discovery changed the history of the Cyclades.Reached by ferry or boat in 2 hours from Mykonos and 45 minutes from Santorini, this 70 sq mileisland boasts some 365 chapels and 32 stunning golden sandy beaches thought to be some of thebest beaches in the Mediterranean. Our project offers the only place in the Cyclades where you canspend a whole day in complete privacy in one of our beaches, enjoy the hospitality of five star resorts,explore Skarkos, one of the most ancient organized human settlements in the world without the touristmayhem, walk through the magnificent interior of the island which also offers spectacular sea vistas,and later at night embrace the islands infectious, youthful energy and party till dawn. We and our team- your “summer family” – intend to redefine the meaning of luxury in hospitality to an experience wherewe give our guests what is really worthwhile: personal freedom, warmth, joy, unrivaled privacy andpathos. For us, this is true luxury.

Like the hot sun that gives lives to the ancient olive trees on the island, we aim to enliven the people that stay with us – inspiring new levels of creativity and passion in everyone we are lucky enough tomeet. Our mission is to celebrate your uniqueness and help you embrace the joy that is abundant inour venues while protecting and enhancing the island’s precious natural environment and fun-loving,creative spirit. We strive to ensure that the island will not become a victim of its own success by making surethat its creative spirit, innocence of youth, diversity of visitors and investing in the people of Ios to ensure astrong community is maintained.

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